Creating an award winning animation

This is the animation that allowed me to qualify for Nationals. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go because me and the team decided that Nationals simply wasn’t worth the cost of going to Boston. We’ve been to Nationals before and it’s too much money to be able to fly somewhere else every year. That’s enough about what we didn’t do, this is how we DID do it. Pre-Production We started out by doing research and making a storyboard. [Read more...]

20% Time: Time keeps on slipping…

I want to fly like an eagle. Obviously this project is ambitious but that’s really what I like about it. Unfortunately that means I’ve significantly underestimated the amount of time I need in order to complete it. As I undergo a big reschedule and a full weekend of working on this project. I will try to keep moving forward and updating this blog regularly to keep a running, transparent status of my work. [Read more...]

20% Time: Getting started with my project

Introduction: I’d have to say that right now my biggest obstacle to success is getting started. I have trouble, especially with such a busy schedule. Right now I have my benchmarks written out. Benchmarks: Thing Date Script Friday 2/12/2016 Storyboard Wednesday 2/17/2016 Shooting schedule Friday 2/19/2016 Shot footage Shooting schedule Rough Cut Approval Plus one week Final Cut Approval Plus one week Each revision One Day Overcoming Obstacles: As you can see I’m already late on my script as I haven’t completed it yet. [Read more...]

My ASE Promotional Film

For my 20% time project I knew I wanted to do something with film, but it took me a while to figure out what exactly. I knew making something that was just dry interviews would be way too cliché and boring, but on the other hand going too far on the entertainment would cause it to be uninformative. So, my goal was to ultimately find a balance between the two. [Read more...]

Windows 10: A working review

I’m going to start this review with the simplest of my opinions: Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been. Had Microsoft spent just a little more time getting their OS tested and reviewed by actual users that’s what they would’ve found out. User Interface This is where WIndows 10 accels as it’s a decent blend of Windows 8 and the traditional Windows interface. The new icons look really nice in my opinion. [Read more...]

My Summer Projects

Again this isn’t a traditional blog post. I’ve just been working on a lot of projects this summer and thought it’d be a good idea to list all of them. To start if you will be in Bloomington please attend my show which has dates on Thursday through Saturday. It’ll be at the Bloomington Playwrights Project and you can call them for more details as well as ticket purchase. Mean Richards I can’t imagine anyone not knowing about this but this is an original stand up piece me and my friend Jack wrote containing some true stories and some of our favorite jokes. [Read more...]

Web design experiments and my process on my new homepage.

Web design experiments and my process on my new homepage.

I used to always kinda dislike my homepage. The color scheme was awful the links weren’t very inclusive and the design made no sense. It took all the links (literally the entire contents of the page) and hid them off in the edges. It was back when I knew very little about modern web design. However, this post isn’t about how much better my new design is although I am super proud of it. [Read more...]

BPA Nationals: The experience

This post is of a similar vibe as my State one. A collection of stories from Nationals but hopefully creating it in advanced I’ll be able to update it this time. (I’m hoping to add at least one story ever Bookmark this as well because there will be a live broadcast of it eventually (if they do this year like last year) and I can post the link and the event I am in.

[Read more...]