Web design experiments and my process on my new homepage.

I used to always kinda dislike my homepage. The color scheme was awful the links weren’t very inclusive and the design made no sense. It took all the links (literally the entire contents of the page) and hid them off in the edges. It was back when I knew very little about modern web design. However, this post isn’t about how much better my new design is although I am super proud of it.



The point is that back then that’s how I knew the web. This is what I thought web was. They always say practice makes perfect. I feel like trying to make my homepage reflect the latest in what I know about web design. If I want to learn a concept I usually just write up a page to do it.

Designed in Adobe Flash. This used to be my site.

Designed in Adobe Flash. This used to be my site.

I created the website inspired by a lot of startup web pages. It’s become more of a trend to have video backgrounds for websites as the internet’s gotten fast enough to handle them. I’ve been experimenting with some of the media queries in CSS3 and I was determined this whole this could be done without javascript. The typical way this is done is with a jQuery library but I didn’t think it was worth two large js files for what could hopefully be done in a few lines of css. After looking it up I came across this guide. I was mostly looking for a guide on media queries when I found it. So I tried to scrap the CSS for there and apply it to my video. The rest was just some basic layering.

The other thing I kind of struggled with was the mobile layout. There’s this awful decision at Apple that iPhones will by default attempt to avoid mobile layouts. In order to get around this you have to use a series of meta tags to get your website looking and functioning correctly. The idea was honestly kind of dumb. Instead of boosting the number of websites redesigned to magically fit both iPhone and desktop without using responsive designs Apple instead just made everyone include meta tags in their sites. But hey, what am I going to do?

Frustrations aside, I think making a page like this is a good experience. Just to make things you’re learning how to do and show the world what you can make. I’m really proud of how this page turned out and feel free to check out the GitHub page on it or leave me a comment.