I’d have to say that right now my biggest obstacle to success is getting started. I have trouble, especially with such a busy schedule. Right now I have my benchmarks written out.


Thing Date
Script Friday 2/12/2016
Storyboard Wednesday 2/17/2016
Shooting schedule Friday 2/19/2016
Shot footage Shooting schedule
Rough Cut Approval Plus one week
Final Cut Approval Plus one week
Each revision One Day

Overcoming Obstacles:

As you can see I’m already late on my script as I haven’t completed it yet. I will, have it done by Monday with no detriment to the overall plan. I don’t see missing this deadline as a big deal because it’s so arbitrary it won’t impact my outcome’s final as a whole. The storyboard is going to be very rough but that is fine by me. If I can make up the lost time on the script I will be sure that this project is a success. It’s hard to really know as I’ve never done anything quite so big and official before.


This blog will of course be updated as I go along giving an interesting effect. As this is one of my biggest projects I am not guaranteed success. Whether I am successful or not this blog will serve as a factual documentation of everything that went well and everything that got messed up. It’ll be interesting to look back on this blog and reflect on all of it. If I fail the world can theoretically read as it happens. Now that I think of all this it’s adding a bit of pressure. :worried: