BPA State: The experience

So as many of you already know BPA came and went. I had the idea to make a blog post a while back that I could update as stories arrive unfortunately that draft got tragically destroyed and for that I am quite sorry. I’ve finally gotten around to rewriting some of it. Here’s where I’m going to be posting stories from state. As updated whenever I feel like doing so. [Read more...]

My experience starting an animation studio.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been competing in computer animation with friends of mine for a couple of years. We’re well practiced and pretty successful, also I had this title sequence laying around so I figured let’s open a full fledged animation studio! With these thoughts Mixed Media Studios quickly came into being. So we opened up with a couple Reddit AMAs and every social profile we could think of (except Twitter for whatever reason). [Read more...]

Top 5 Animation Tips

So I’ve been doing a lot of animating for a computer animation competition in BPA. Due to the amount of time I’ve put into it I’ve managed to dig up a fair bit of experience. To help out any beginners in the field here are some tips and tricks that I have learned along the path to success (well it might be success I dunno yet) Easing is your friend Anyone online will tell you about keyframes in animation but often times the default linear keyframes make an animation look jerky and stiff. [Read more...]

Back to it’s former glory

I was sick of looking at the stupid Tumblr theme so I brought back my old one. I’ll be writing my own posts and no longer doing any of that dang reblogging. Tell me what you think of that in the comments. I am using WordPress now because I also hate my hosting service and nothing gets attacked more than a WordPress installation so this is much easier. Not to mention this is more or less the setup I was going to use anyway I miss the header thingy with the videos on it so maybe I’ll bring that back but outside of that this is working pretty well. [Read more...]