For those who don’t know me, I’ve been competing in computer animation with friends of mine for a couple of years. We’re well practiced and pretty successful, also I had this title sequence laying around so I figured let’s open a full fledged animation studio! With these thoughts Mixed Media Studios quickly came into being.

So we opened up with a couple Reddit AMAs and every social profile we could think of (except Twitter for whatever reason). The real issue we found was having no real customers. Turns out people who know anything about animation really want you to have a portfolio built up before they give you any money. In order to avoid the classic “you can’t be hired before you’ve been hired” I took some of our old work and compiled it to a really crappy demo page. That however, still didn’t work. So I decided to bite the bullet and compile work that Mixed Media hadn’t technically produced (but rather just by us as ourselves) into a quick and dirty showreel. Now as a bunch of high schoolers we’ve managed to already get people interested in our services. We’re never going to end up big and rich off this but it is an interesting opportunity to see people getting paid to do what they love. I’ve priced it specifically so that the average job can be done in about $5. It’s fun because I have no idea where this will take us but it’ll be fun finding out!