So as many of you already know BPA came and went. I had the idea to make a blog post a while back that I could update as stories arrive unfortunately that draft got tragically destroyed and for that I am quite sorry. I’ve finally gotten around to rewriting some of it.  Here’s where I’m going to be posting stories from state. As updated whenever I feel like doing so.

BPA is awesome but their bags suck.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a habit of losing pencils, a lot. This was the reason for which one of the first things I did when I arrived was grab a pencil and put it into the BPA bag I got from last year. I made getting that pencil a high priority because it was pretty bad not having one last year. All was great until I actually arrived to the high school allowing me to be tested for the Fundamentals of Web Design event and the pencil had fallen out of my bag. Now BPA does provide pencils for the low price of $0.25 which I was even willing to pay had they not been selling it in an entirely different building. To let you know how important this is I’ll explain how the test works. There are two parts to the test. Actually building the site is the first half of your score the second half is a multiple choice test. If I hadn’t gotten to borrow a pencil and rush through the test (that I did excellent on) there’s no way I could’ve anywhere near as successful. I guess it all worked out in the end but I’ve learned my lesson. Never trust a free bag with anything remotely important to you.

Loads of fund

A few days ago Mrs. Novak pulled me and Austin out of class for a second to discuss the Rummage sale. This is where she confirmed that Austin had done a lot of great things to get fundraising off the ground afterwards she told me I had my shirt on inside out and backwards. Me and Austin make a really good team.For those who haven’t figured it out the rummage sale is where we sell donated stuff for extremely low prices to make money for nationals. While I of course have spent a fair amount of time actually doing work to help fund raise for nationals I did want to point out a quick reiteration of how confused I generally am as a person.

Last updated: April 17, 2015